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Why choose the 1.0L Hot & Cold Bottle?

In the SIGG North America offices, we are surrounded by SIGG bottles every day. Each staff member has several bottles on their desk regularly. They are printing examples, warranty examples, new styles for review and testing and some are even used for water! The most eye-catching bottles we have are obviously the largest ones, the 0.75L and 1.0L Hot and Cold. The 1.0L is 14” high and the 0.75L is 12” tall. With a removable cup, available in white and brushed steel, they stand out. You would look at this bottle and think it would be great for camping and being outdoors but don’t limit yourself like that! Anyone who needs caffeine, needs water, works outdoors, works indoors, loves a day trip, and especially anyone who loves a bottle that lasts!

A big draw of the larger bottles is how much liquid it can hold, or if we are being honest, how much coffee it can hold. The Hot and Cold line can keep your drink hot for up to 18 hours, meaning that you can keep reupping that buzz as the day goes on. On the opposite side of refreshment, if you need ice cubes floating in your drink until the end of the day, the bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. This is something that can benefit those who work long hours, such as those amazing teachers watching over their energetic students or the construction worker who needs to bring the warmth of their kitchen on a crisp winter morning. Looking to treat your work team to keep energy high? Email us today to ask about custom logo printing!

The larger Hot & Cold bottles are amazing for corporate gifting. Coming up to the giving season, when you are looking for the perfect gift to give your employees or family, think of SIGG. The impact that the Hot and Cold has visually will instantaneously show them that you are investing in them, that you want the best that you can give.

To talk to us about how to create and invest in your team with SIGG bottles, contact us today!

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