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Be the Booth that Gives Out the Best Conference Swag

SWAG = Stuff We All Get

best corporate swag trade show swagThere is something wonderful about that sentence. How democratizing! All that cool gear can be everyone’s!
I have to say I’m a bit of a swag snob. I will unabashedly ask friends and family about the swag they receive from conferences and tradeshows. It is really intriguing to me if a company has gotten their promotional products right.

  • Have they thought about their intended target audience?
  • Have they worked on the design to showcase what they’re all about?
  • Or have they gone the budget route and produced a cheap widget that is headed straight to a landfill?

Before planning your corporate swag, think about this: 47% of millennials go to a branded event because of the swag. What does that mean to you – the creator of said-swag? It means you better get it right if you want your brand to be memorable, for the right reasons.

Let us help you steer the way on getting the most bang for your buck when producing trade show swag.

Ideas for Trade Show Swag that Attendees will Actually Like

Practical and the Most Bang for Your Buck!

SIGG-Classic-Bottle-207x300 2A recent study by Splash and published in Adweek, What Millennials Want to See (and Take Home) From Branded Events, showed that the most coveted branded product that millennials want from events is a water bottle. That’s right – 24% said that the coolest piece they had received was a reusable water bottle.

But before choosing just any bottle, think about what you want your water bottle to say about your brand. You want to make sure you hit the quality quotient on your swag and a water bottle is a particularly important piece of corporate swag. Why? Because it is a practical gift that will be used frequently by the recipient for the long haul – if you create a good quality bottle that people want to keep.

I once watched an entire table leave behind their bottles at an event because it smelled “weird”. What a terrible use of marketing dollars! This is where our SIGG water bottles really stand out in a crowd. SIGG’s EcoCare liner means that there are no odours in the bottle in the beginning or even with repeated use. Your branded bottle recipient is not going to get a metallic or plastic taste from SIGG bottles, which means that it will be used again and again.

Your mother always said “quality over quantity” and your mother was right. When you want to make your marketing dollars count, make sure you’re choosing the best way to get as many impressions of your product as possible. Don’t misrepresent your brand with a throwaway item.

Branded – It’s the Bottle they were going to Buy Themselves anyway

My favourite line from a marketer: “Always give what they would buy themselves.”

Take a look at the recipients and ask if this would be something they would buy for themselves in a store. While you may have an audience that is incredibly broad, it’s still a good rule of thumb.

One story that stands out from a family friend was an important conference for big shot CEOs and CFOs of larger financial organizations in Canada. When I asked what their swag was (honestly, it should have been kick ass swag), I didn’t see it because it never made it home. The cheap water bottle with the design flaking off was tossed and the stuffed animal (yes, a child’s toy) was left at the table. These sad misfit corporate swag items didn’t even make it to the conference tote because the recipients saw no use for them.

The SIGG water bottle has been around for over 108 years and has a strong brand following. We regularly hear from customers who have had their bottle for decades so you know that it’s worth keeping. As well, based on Splash’s survey results, we know that millennials love their reusable water bottles. Anyone can create a logo’d water bottle, but is it one they really want? Does it tick off all the boxes that an educated consumer expects?

  • Technologically superior
  • Stylish while practical
  • Reusable and recyclable – generally a good choice for the planet and for the user

Design it Well

If you’re not the Apple’s and GAP’s of the world, it’s hard to get participants to carry your brand around in their everyday life. So, get creative with the design! Pick the right color and design choices that make your water bottle swag the one to watch. SIGG has a great selection of colours and styles that can be tied into your brand. They can be printed or laser engraved. We can even have full colour images printed on the bottles. For that additional POP, think about 3D printing – the ink is raised and gives the bottle great dimension visually, while making the bottle a tactile experience, too. Want to read more? Find other great ideas for designing your SIGG swag (digital printing and UV inks) by reading the blog, Technological Advancements in Awards and Recognitions Production.

SIGG Bottles Make Great Corporate Swag

Now that we have shared some ideas on how to create the best water bottle conference swag, reach out to our SIGG specialists and let us assist you in finding the best fit for your brand so you can have the best conference swag!