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SIGG Stories: I’m Not Giving Up My SIGG!

SIGG – High-End Water Bottles with Iconic Design, Durability and Longevity

not giving up my sigg bronzeI am always intrigued by how loyal water bottle owners are to their brand. In the years that we have been distributing and custom decorating SIGG water bottles, we have heard many SIGG stories around the bottles, but time and time again, what we hear most is that people love their SIGG.

SIGG has been producing bottles for more than 100 years. It is part of the permanent design collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art because of its iconic shape.

SIGG is the bottle that is held as the benchmark of what a water bottle should be – particularly its longevity. One of the reasons for this longevity is the flexible, integral liner. It bends and flexes with dents and bumps in the bottle and will not crack or deteriorate. The liner is also BPA free and acid safe. That means that you can put orange juice or other acidic beverages in the bottle and the liner does not have taste transfer.

Dropped SIGG Off a Cliff – Not Leaving It Behind!

One of my favourite SIGG stories is from Greg Snoddy, manager of the outdoor lifestyle and adventure retail shop, Higher Ground Ltd. I was having a conversation with Greg about new SIGG products and he told me a story about his devotion to his SIGG water bottle:

A few years ago, I was climbing a cliff near Tobermory on Georgian Bay. I had brought my favourite SIGG bottle with me. It has seen many trips and definitely looks that way – it doesn’t even stand up straight anymore.

So, I was climbing this cliff when I went to grab my SIGG bottle for a drink. I can hang onto a cliff but apparently not a SIGG bottle. I watched as it fell 60 feet into Georgian Bay, slamming into the rocks on the way down. A few more character marks, I say.

I stayed there for a few minutes until I saw it bobbing in the water. Well, there was no way I was going to let it go after it survived that fall. So, down I climbed. About 20 feet from the water, I jumped in and swam out to my SIGG bottle = saved!

Yes, I do have a few newer SIGG bottles, but this one (with all its bumps and bruises) is my favourite and will always be included in my trips.

SIGG water bottles are created from a single seamless component with a flexible liner. Backpacker Magazine pummeled the bottle with a 100 pound cannon and dubbed SIGG “The World’s Toughest Water Bottle”. I guess Greg can attest to that. It would seem he is not giving up on his SIGG water bottle anytime soon, even with the bumps and bruises, it is virtually indestructible!

SIGG Stories at a Trade Show

At a recent trade show, we had two people come by our booth and zero in on the SIGG water bottle display.

The first client was excited and gushed about how happy she was to see SIGG in the corporate market. She felt that SIGG would be a great promotional product for her company to offer clients. When we asked her about whether she had personally used a SIGG, her answer was a resounding YES! She told us that she had used the same bottle for more than seven years and loved it.

A few minutes later, someone else came by our booth. When we asked about her experience with SIGG, her response was slightly different. She indicated she wasn’t very happy with her bottle as she was having issues with the lid and cleaning it. Of course we apologized, gave her a new lid. But when we asked how long she’d had the bottle, she told us the bottle was over 10 years old. Now, with the new top we’d provided, she figured she could get another 10 years out of it.

With the right care, SIGG bottles can last for a very long time. And, that’s great because SIGG users just don’t want to give them up, no matter how battered they are!

Share Your SIGG Stories

We are always happy to have stories shared about people’s experiences with the SIGG brand. If you have a picture of you enjoying your SIGG water bottle or have a great SIGG story and would like to share it, please do not hesitate to send it along to us at Clearmount or post it below.

So, tell us your SIGG stories!

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