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Have SIGG. Will travel.

sigg north america travel customized water bottlesSometimes the most exciting thing about traveling is planning the holiday and the lead up to actually going away.
When a holiday has been imagined and dreamed about for months or maybe years, the planning and research is just as important as the trip itself. After all, time flies when you’re having fun.

Last year, I spent a good deal of time planning a long awaited trip to Ireland. This wasn’t going to be just any trip. This was a special trip with my daughter to celebrate her graduation from university and my 50th birthday.

The holiday was designed around renting a 1970s Volkswagen campervan and camping along the west coast beaches of Ireland in June. The idea being that we could camp on the beach should the opportunity present itself.

We had researched beaches and vans and chose well, our route and vehicle. As the trip got closer we started to decide what to pack for our holiday.

have sigg will travelWater is always an important consideration when traveling. I had dreamed of waking up on the beach in Ireland and casually making camp coffee which consisted of an instant blend mixed with something that didn’t require too much refrigeration. In the case of our camp coffee, Bailey’s Irish Cream worked in a pinch and seemed apropos for the location we were visiting.

Water, on the other hand is the tie that binds all aspects of a day on the beach together. The carrying container of that water being a trusted SIGG bottle.

Our company worked with Clearmount to custom engrave SIGG bottles as Christmas gifts for clients. The bottles are sturdy, clean and look great with anyone’s logo. Our clients were particularly pleased to receive these gifts. So, it made good sense to toss our custom branded bottle into a bag along with other bottles that Clearmount had given us to test.

The one bottle that was a godsend was the SIGG Thermo that carried both hot and cold beverages. We could prepare drinks for picnics at noon or at dinner for a late night walk on the beach.

Our SIGG bottles have not only been a pleasure to give, but a pleasure to use. As I tell my family before any trip now: “Have SIGG, will travel.”

Marie Wiese is the President of Marketing CoPilot, a digital marketing consulting and execution agency that has done lots of promotional items for clients and still considers the SIGG bottle, the most successful client campaign of all time.

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