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Full Color Printing

With the ever-changing technology in the promotional product world, it can be hard to keep up with what is possible when designing your corporate merchandise. We are hoping to make the design process streamlined and easy to approach for newcomers and old timers, with our new digital printing. First and foremost, it frees you from counting colors, instead we price designs according to size. The design possibilities for your SIGG bottles are limitless!

You have invested in your logo, in the design, the colors and the products you choose to print on, why not explore all possibilities? With the numbers of colors not an issue anymore, we price via size. 4×4 inch, 6×6 inch and full wrap. Want to try a full wrap? Do it! Have your logo visible wherever the bottle goes. Want to try something unique? Try 3D printing! Print the entire color spectrum with SIGG.

Like our bottles, the printing is built to last. It is UV baked onto the bottle, meaning it is going to take more than a scratch to come off! We want the printing to last as long as our SIGG bottles, which are meant to last for decades. Our printers are not just strong though, they are fast. The digital printing vs. screening means there is no dry time needed, nor any screen clean ups needed. This means we can get your SIGG bottles to you faster than before!

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