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Why choose the 1.0L Hot & Cold Bottle?

In the SIGG North America offices, we are surrounded by SIGG bottles every day. Each staff member has several bottles on their desk regularly. They are printing examples, warranty examples, new styles for review and testing and some are even used for water! The most eye-catching bottles we have are obviously the largest ones, the 0.75L and 1.0L Hot and Cold. The 1.0L is 14” high and the 0.75L is 12” tall. With a removable cup, available in white and brushed steel, they stand out. You would look at this bottle and think it would be great for camping and being outdoors but don’t limit yourself like that! Anyone who needs caffeine, needs water, works outdoors, works indoors, loves a day trip, and especially anyone who loves a bottle that lasts!

A big draw of the larger bottles is how much liquid it can hold, or if we are being honest, how much coffee it can hold. The Hot and Cold line can keep your drink hot for up to 18 hours, meaning that you can keep reupping that buzz as the day goes on. On the opposite side of refreshment, if you need ice cubes floating in your drink until the end of the day, the bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. This is something that can benefit those who work long hours, such as those amazing teachers watching over their energetic students or the construction worker who needs to bring the warmth of their kitchen on a crisp winter morning. Looking to treat your work team to keep energy high? Email us today to ask about custom logo printing!

The larger Hot & Cold bottles are amazing for corporate gifting. Coming up to the giving season, when you are looking for the perfect gift to give your employees or family, think of SIGG. The impact that the Hot and Cold has visually will instantaneously show them that you are investing in them, that you want the best that you can give.

To talk to us about how to create and invest in your team with SIGG bottles, contact us today!

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Why choose SIGG?

Begin by investing in quality

When choosing your next branded item for promotion or recognition program, it can be hard to justify stretching the budget for a premium item, but by investing in quality you are investing in your brand. How many events have you attended with copious amounts of throwaway items? By choosing a high use item such as a water bottle, that has over 100 years of prestige and innovation behind it, you are pairing your brand with quality. By choosing a SIGG bottle, your bottle will be continuously used, respected and boasted about by those who recognize the quality.

SIGG bottles have been in production for over 100 years. Embodying the Swiss trait of excellence, SIGG bottles are made to last. With proper care, SIGG bottles can be with you for over 15-25 years. It is not unusual to find a fan who has had their bottle for over 30 years. The daily use aspect of a SIGG bottle helps keep your logo in front of an end user for a very long time. Their bottle is meant to go with them where ever they go and so will your branding.

One of the reasons for the longevity of the SIGG is the attention to detail and investment in quality materials. For every bottle the material is tested to ensure that it is the best, not only in material, but in safety. SIGG Switzerland tests for chemicals such as BPA and insists that not even trace amounts be present in any part of the bottle from the inside liner to the outside paint. We want our bottles to not only meet the safety standards of today, but the standards of tomorrow. As said, we expect your bottle to last for decades and we have to think ahead!

Such attention to detail can be contagious, especially when it comes to crafting your bottle here at SIGG North America. We have the highest quality control and work hard to ensure that your order is processed, printed and delivered in a timely manner.

The next time you are looking for a custom bottle item, invest in your company by investing in quality. Contact us today to promote your company to the highest level or get inspired with these design ideas.

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New Hot & Cold Bottles

A new season means new bottles

As we start approaching sweater weather here in North America, you want the perfect bottle that can transition between seasons! Don’t settle for just any bottle, go with a brand name you trust to keep your water cold and your coffee hot.

SIGG’s Hot and Cold bottles keep everything hot for over 12 hours and cold for over 18! The ONE bottle, with it’s one handed pop top is the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design award. It’s a bottle that’s designed for your lifestyle and meant to last! Over a century of experience from SIGG Switzerland went into designing this bottle.

The SIGG Hot and Cold bottle is not just for those in between seasons, it is a high quality item that is meant to be used year round and will last years with proper care. Want to show your employees some proper recognition? Hand these out at the next team building activity. Need a speaker gift? Make them want to never stop talking with a custom SIGG bottle. Looking for a corporate item that will be put into use and not thrown in the clutter drawer? Get a SIGG bottle for you and your clients.

Our most popular bottle is the 0.5L Hot and Cold. This ONE bottle has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for design excellence. It’s winning, easy to use ONE lid allows for a one handed pop top, making it so much easier to stay hydrated on the go.

SIGG has been making high quality bottles for over 100 years, working with companies across the world to elevate the idea of a water bottle. We can help your brand pop, literally with our 3D printing. We offer full colour digital printing, with one easy set up fee. Our turn around is 7-10 business days from art work approval, but if you need to be swigging from a SIGG faster, ask us about rush options.

For full design options and pricing, email us today at

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Trusty Travel Companions: Water Bottles for Travellers

SIGG Bottles for Active Lifestyles

It’s no secret that staying hydrated while on the road is one of the biggest challenges travellers face, especially if they’re keen to avoid buying single use plastic bottles everywhere they go. One of the best ways to keep on top of your water is to BYO (ahem, bring your own) and keep it filled whenever you find a potable water source. Whether that’s the tap in your hotel or a waterfall on the trail, a day trip or a multi-week jaunt, to keep moving and exploring, you have to stay hydrated.

Here are our favourite water bottle + adventure combos to get you inspired to get out with your SIGG.

Cheeky waterfall hike

One of the best ways to spend an active afternoon is a stunner of a hike featuring one (or more!) waterfalls. Be sure to take your SIGG with you (we recommend a classic 1.0L traveller)  – it’s the perfect opportunity to fill up along the way. (Just be mindful you don’t fall in!).

Pictured: OriginaLizzie Collaboration – Oak Tree on Classic Traveller White Touch 1.0L


Chill beach day

Just because you’re spending your day next to water doesn’t guarantee there will be drinkable water anywhere nearby. Come prepared with a full water bottle (along with your book, hat, and sunscreen, of course!) and ensure you stay sun safe while relaxing on the beach. Pro tip: the SIGG Hot & Cold range are perfect for keeping water cold while out in the sun ally day.

Pictured: 0.5L Hot & Cold Bottle


Mutli-day mountain climb

Heading up, up, up? Before you climb, fill up a SIGG (or two!) to keep up your hydration and energy levels as you head for the top. The Hot & Cold 0.75L and 1.0L with a detachable cup are ideal for all season hiking, and perfect excuse to sit down for a cup and enjoy the view. These eco-friendly water bottles are super tough, just like you, so don’t worry about bringing them along for the journey…they can handle a dent or two!

Pictured: 0.75L Photo Credit: @megustorphin from Instagram


Weekend winery cycle

Prefer a leisurely cycle through wine country? Well then you’ll definitely need to bring some water along the for the ride! Nothing beats a sunny day trundling between the vines, but in order to keep yourself moving all day, a classic 0.6L traveller water bottle in your bike basket will be clutch. Keep refilling at wineries as you go (and we don’t just mean the water!).

Pictured: Queenie’s Cards Collaboration – Maple Leaf on 0.6L Classic Traveller White


Annual work trip 

Any time you travel for work, it’s usually a good idea to be branded to the nines. Show your company pride and get your brand out into the world with branded swag, including your custom branded water bottle. Whether it’s a conference or a retreat, you’ll probably be talking an awful lot and will be grateful you have water on hand to keep you from going hoarse!

Photo Credit: @dosecoffeeco from Instagram

Just-keep-moving winter walk

Just because it’s chilly doesn’t mean it isn’t a beautiful time of year to head outside – you just need to ensure you stay nice and toasty…and that’s where SIGG’s Hot & Cold bottles comes into play. Designed to keep bevvies hot or cold, it’s the perfect all-season companion, and ideal for when you want to warm up on an invigorating winter’s hike.

Photo Credit: @siggswitzerland from Instagram

Beloved weekend jaunt

Packing for a weekend away? Making sure your SIGG fits in your bag should be your top priority. Not getting enough water for a couple of days is enough to throw you off for another few days, so there’s no excuse for making space for a 0.6L classic traveller SIGG water bottle next to your running shoes.

Pictured: Custom 0.6L

Regardless of where you’re going or what you’re doing, your SIGG water bottle should always have a spot on your packing list, so that you can stay adventurous, stay curious, and stay hydrated. Happy travels, SIGG friends!

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SIGG Collaboration Spotlight: OriginaLizzie

The bottles in our collaboration series are some of our most popular bottles, and it’s not hard to see why. They give you the chance to express your personality and get creative, and sometimes even serve as a talking point when you’re out and about with your SIGG collaboration.

We love working with artists who share our values: sustainability, creativity, and community, which was why we were thrilled to connect with Lizzie Keenan from OriginaLizzie. A self-taught watercolour artist from Portland, Oregon, she regularly finds inspiration from the creativity of the community in which she lives (we all know Portland has a bit of a reputation in that regard!) and the natural beauty of her home state.

We were looking for an artist to capture the essence of the USA, and Lizzie was exactly who we were looking for. We sat down with her to chat a bit more about her painting, her inspiration, and home country. Join us as we go ‘behind the bottles’ and learn more about our current feature collaborator, OriginaLizzie.

SIGG NA: What is it that provokes you to paint? Is it an idea? An observation? An image or a video?

OG LIZZIE: To be honest, almost anything and everything inspires me to paint. Sometimes it’s an image or idea that I come across that sparks my imagination, and I rush to paint it out. For example, after seeing the latest Star Wars movie I immediately ran home and painted a Porg because they were just so damn cute. Other times I just get this overwhelming feeling that I need to art (yes, I am using art as a verb here).

For me, painting is like meditation. It’s a great form of stress relief when I have the chance to forget everything around me and get lost in the art right in front of me.

SIGG NA: Why do you work with watercolours? What is it about them that helps you articulate your creative pursuit?

OG LIZZIE: I found watercolor by luck. In the past I’ve dabbled in various arts and crafts: knitting, drawing, decoupage, string art-gone-wrong, etc. A couple of years ago I found myself with some additional free time on my hands and thought, “I’ve always wanted to watercolour, I’m just gonna do it.” So I went to my local art store, picked out the cheapest watercolour pan set I could fine, grabbed some paper, and headed home. I was utter crap at first because I didn’t know how the whole water and paint situation worked, but after a couple days of diddling about and watching some YouTube videos, I finally painted some carrots that I really liked. And I thought to myself, “oh hey friend, I like you.” I kept on painting from there and soon realized that a) I really loved painting and b) I might not be half bad at it.

I love the bit of surprise and unknowing nature of watercolour. I paint a lot of wet on wet, so often I don’t know how the pigment will bleed into the water that it sitting on the paper, and that’s part of the fun. And if/when it doesn’t come out very well, you can always add more colour, more water, or try to dab it all away with a paper towel and start anew.

SIGG NA: What’s your creative process when you’re working on a painting?

OG LIZZIE: It depends what I’m painting, but I usually start with some reference materials. Pinterest and Google Images are my favourite tools for this; I search around for photos of the object I want to paint, or the shape I want to explore, and bring them all up on my computer screen. Then, I get out a pencil and sketch out a rough outline of my object. Then, I just have a go at it.

Since I’m not formally trained, I don’t really know the right and wrong way to approach a watercolour painting. I tend to start loose and messy first, then as things dry I come back in with more details and the thing I was hoping to paint starts to take shape.

SIGG NA: When you first started working on this collaboration project, how did you choose which American symbols to paint?

OG LIZZIE: I am not really the flag-bearing American type. Heck, I ran off to England two times for school. So when you came to me asking about a ‘Stars and Stripes’ collaboration, I had to ponder a bit on what that meant to me, and how I could paint what I love, while showcasing the American spirit.

Bald eagles were one of the first things that came to mind, mainly because they are our national bird, but also because of the freedom and wild power that they represent. I get glimpses of them regularly where I live in Oregon, often in the Columbia River Gorge while on a waterfall hike. I love the way they soar through the sky, catching the natural air currents.

I then looked into other national American symbols (because I forgot everything I learned in elementary school) like the American bison, which is our national mammal, the oak tree, which is our national tree, and the rose, which is our national flower. I also milled about with ideas like our national monuments: the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the Washington Monument.

I still wanted to give a shout out to the flag, which is so iconic for the USA, but I wanted to paint it with a bit of whimsy: less structured than the original but still strong in its symbolism. Plus, I like that the stars (which I swapped for blue) kind of look like fireworks, which I love, but also look like rain (which it does a lot of in Portland).

The result is a really cool collection (in my opinion!) of some of our most beloved icons.

SIGG NA: What is it about America that inspires you in your art?

OG LIZZIE: It has to be that fact that art is all around you in America. Take Portland, my hometown, for example. You can barely go a couple of blocks throughout the city without seeing a giant colourful mural on a wall or crosswalk. Or a mini library constructed at your neighbour’s house. Or a gorgeously wild landscaping effort in someone’s front yard. There could be poetry being spoken on a street corner, and even a Darth Vader unicycling down the streets playing flaming bagpipes. When your community is oozing with creativity, it’s hard to not be inspired and jump right in, and I think every community in America has its own version of truly inspiring creativity.

SIGG NA: What’s your favourite thing to celebrate about being American?

OG LIZZIE: Freedom is certainly a word that rings true in what is worth celebrating about being American. That, and the fact that our country is a home made up of immigrants. America is a melting pot of so many cultures and ways of life: you can see it in our streets, in our shops and restaurants, the mix of celebrations and traditions in our homes. The abundance of culture here is incredibly inspiring and worth celebrating.

And fireworks on the 4th of July. I love fireworks.

For more OriginaLizzie, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her website.

The SIGG collaboration collection with OriginaLizze features Lizzie’s original watercolour art of American symbols, including the soaring bald eagle, majestic American bison, proud Statue of Liberty torch, iconic American flag, and the mighty oak tree. Shop for your favourite now in our Collaborations section.

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5 Drink Recipes to Keep You Cozy

Snuggle up with your SIGG Hot & Cold bottle this season

It’s no secret that the Hot & Cold bottle is one of our favourite SIGG bottles here at SIGG North America. Not only will the sleekly designed bottle take you from home to work to play without missing a beat, it’s also the SIGG water bottle that’s most likely to take you from summer to winter and back again.

It’s been a chilly spring so far this year, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite warm drink recipes to pop in your SIGG Hot & Cold bottle and stay cozy all day long.

Martha Stewart’s Spiced Apple Cider

This classic brings back memories of childhood, and while it’s usually a fall beverage, we think it’s good enough to savour all winter long. Combining cardamom, cloves, allspice, and, of course, cinnamon, this spiced apple cider recipe from the one and only Martha Stewart also includes some orange zest – for that cheeky zing!

Hugo Ortega’s Mexican Hot Chocolate

Ask anyone who’s had it and they’ll agree: Mexican Hot Chocolate is the best hot chocolate around. The spicy kick that comes from Mexican chocolate is the perfect treat to carry with you and enjoy throughout the day (good news: your SIGG Hot & Cold will keep it nice and hot all day long!). The other piece of good news? It’s super simple to make: all you need is water and Mexican chocolate!

Vikram Vij’s Chai Tea

A drink that promises to warm your soul, we couldn’t leave chai tea off this list!

Cardamom is the spice that sings through any chai tea, but when it comes to the rest of the ingredients, there are

many variations to choose from. Vikram Vij recently shared three different chai recipes, all of we’d happily have in by our side in our SIGG. We’ve also seen some chai recipes feature a hint of maple syrup, and we don’t mind that idea one little bit.

Hello Switzerland’s Mulled Wine

In honour of SIGG’s Swiss roots, we looked to Switzerland to get a classic mulled wine recipe (or Glühwein, as the Swiss Germans call it!). Traditionally sipped and savoured around Christmas, we love mulled wine so much that we drink it whenever we need to warm up at home. With flavours of orange, lemon, cloves, and cinnamon, this classic recipe is the perfect one with which to load up your SIGG Hot & Cold bottles and pop round to your friend’s place for the evening.

Jamie Oliver’s Hot Toddy

If you’re cuddled around a backyard campfire late at night or taking a leisurely Saturday afternoon stroll (or snowshoe!) along the trails, there’s nothing wrong with a cheeky Hot Toddy to keep you warm and happy as you go. Top up your SIGG Hot & Cold with Jamie Oliver’s ‘perfect’ Hot Toddy, complete with honey, cloves, lemon, and cinnamon. Want to make it authentically British? Toss in a cheeky bit of whisky…we won’t tell!

From tea to cider, hot chocolate to chai, mulled wine to hot toddies, the SIGG Hot & Cold is the perfect insulated water bottle to keep both you and your favourite bevvies warm all spring long. Which one will you make first?!

Start browsing for the perfect SIGG Hot & Cold bottle on sale now.

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Attention: SIGG 3D Printing is now available!

All of our bottles are top of the line and therefore we wanted something just as fancy!

Our 3D print is a raised print that gives a great look and texture to your bottle. The 3D printing technique is a process that creates layers of ink and is cured by UV light, which means it is exceptionally durable. Make your logo and art truly stand out with this unique style of printing.

Use 3D printing for your next conference!

3D printing is definitely the way to go when you’re tired of just slapping a logo onto something. If you’re feeling uninspired with your swag, don’t reinvent the wheel- just get a much nicer wheel! A client came to us who loved the idea of our SIGG bottles for their conference, however they were lost on what style and color to go with.

They had just created a new logo and weren’t sure what the best way to present it was. We made the radical suggestion that they do the exact same thing as last year. Just with 3D printing. It was a hit. They loved the look of the imprint and got rave reviews from all the participants!

Another conference hit was a bottle that we created for the skucon 2017 conference. We took the company’s mascot and printed the logo in full color with different layers. You can actually feel the barcode and the skubot’s joints! The bottle was a huge hit with everyone and a year later we still hear that it’s their favourite bottle. Well it’s a SIGG, so that’s an obvious one. Who doesn’t love our Hot & Cold bottles?!

3D printing can also be used to highlight a design feature.

The one thing we are unable to do is a true 3D full wrap due to the rollers used during this process but we can still highlight certain features while doing the rest in a flat print. For example we recently did a bottle for a client where the art was a tree that we kept flat and their owl logo icon and text was 3D raised. This is a great way to play with different techniques on our SIGG bottles, in this case both digital and 3D print.

Looking to give your promotion a great retail look? Go with tone on tone raised. We love the way that our raised print looks on our matte finish Classic Traveller Touch bottles. It’s a glossy finish that combines the softness of the Touch bottles with a shiny logo. We’re also excited about how it looks on our upcoming Spring 2018 Hot & Cold ONE Touch bottles. They have a great soft matte surface and the 3D print guarantees you won’t want to stop touching this.

Everyone here is so excited about our 3D print and we know you will be too!

Start shopping for your upcoming conference here or browse the single shop site for your next personal gift!

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2017 SIGG Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is pressing its glittery, bow-covered face up against the window to let you know it’s almost here, but don’t panic: there’s a SIGG for everyone on your list!

For the avid runner:

sigg bottles

A practical, functional running belt for your water bottle that’s also affordable?! You aren’t dreaming: it’s true! Kit out the runner in your life with a Jogging Belt that will keep their SIGG bottle safe while they’re out for their long Sunday run. We promise, they’ll be grateful you care so much about keeping their long runs full of hydration.

Is your giftee more of a walker? Grab the Nordic Walking Belt instead!

For the all-season hiker:

sigg bottles hot and coldKnow someone who likes to get out and hike regardless of the season? Then the Hot & Cold 0.5L bottle is perfect for them. It’ll keep their water cool for those sunny summer hikes, and is the ideal vessel for keeping tea warm for wintery wanders. With a removable filter for fruit or loose-leaf tea and a leak proof seal, it’s the perfect companion for those on the move.

sigg bottlesFor kids on the go:

Whether they’re running around a sports field or designing a new robot, jetting between music and tutoring, juggling swim class, drama, and Girl Guides, a kid’s gotta stay hydrated. Skip the toys they’ll just toss in the corner after a few weeks and give the kids in your life something fun and practical this Christmas. With plenty of fun designs to choose from in our Kids Collection, it shouldn’t be hard to find a bottle to match their interests or personality!

For your favourite art lover:

What do you get for the art connoisseur that has no more space left on their walls? Why not a piece of art that’s beautiful as well as functional? Our SIGG bottles Patrick Hunter collaboration collection has the most stunning feather design and our Christopher Rouleau collaboration collection has a fun, iconic red and white lettered maple leaf design. We’re super proud of these beautifully designed bottles, and we know your favourite art aficionado will be super proud to own one. Be sure to check out the rest of our collaborations for a one of a kind gift!

For the pun-lover:

sigg bottles queenie collaboration

Another of our brilliant SIGG bottles collaborations is a series of eight delightfully punny illustrations by Queenie’s Cards. Inspired by real life and guaranteed to make you smile, these clever and relatable puns-on-bottles are among our most popular waterbottles (it’s not hard to see why!). Whether you’re buying for your “soymate”, someone you want to “avo-cuddle”, or someone who really “beleafs” in reusable bottles, we’re sure our Queenie designed bottles are going to be the “beary” favourite gift they receive this Christmas!

For the office Secret Santa:

Looking for a cool, unique office Secret Santa gift? Go rogue and get them something they’ll actually use! The versatile SIGG Aluminum Box Maxi is perfect for anything: food, trinkets, or treasures. Store it, stack it, or pack it, whatever you choose. Be the new office legend with this practical, stylish, high-quality Secret Santa gift your co-workers will fight over.

Happy Shopping!

sigg bottlesBuying for someone else on your list? There’s a good chance we have something that’ll fit their fancy, from our classic 0.6L bottles to our sleek variety of hot and cold SIGG bottles. Have a peek at our site…and just try not to buy something for yourself while you’re at it!

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Top Clearmount and SIGG North America Trends You Missed at PPAI 2017 Las Vegas

PPAI Expo is one of those promotional product events that you shouldn’t miss, but we can understand if you missed us if you were there. There was a great deal to take in at the convention, what with all the bright neon signs outside and the many amazing suppliers inside. It is too difficult to cover all of the delightful new promotional industry trends, ideas and products that were featured at the show and/or are coming out over the next year in one blog post, but what we can cover off are the trends that Clearmount and SIGG North America featured at the show and the ideas we will be focusing on in 2017.

sigg bottles canada commonsku1. 3-D Printing

3-D printing gives new meaning to, ‘making your logo pop.’ With our new printing techniques we can add texture and actual depth to designs. Our machine lays down the textured ink in layers so that a variety of heights can be reached. Each layer may only be one millimeter or less, but the ability to use layers of textured ink adds so much depth to our bottle designs! A recent design for the commonsku conference inspired our intrepid designers to utilize a different height for each color sigg bottle commonskuof the robot logo in order to mimic the real-life parts of the robot, as well as create a textured barcode.

Whether you want to utilize 3-D printing to make your logo even more eye-catching or want to mimic real-life textures, such as sprinkles on a doughnut, geographical landscapes or the nuts and bolts of a robot, your audience will not be able to keep their eyes or hands off these SIGG bottles.

2. Digital Printing

Our new digital printing technologies enable your personalized corporate awards, appreciation gifts and promotional products a very crisp, clean and polished look. By using CMYK colors, we can print any color imaginable to give your logos and designs a stylish finish, far beyond the old technique of screening. If you want to match PMS colors, we can use PMS color matching to provide you with an even closer match. An additional benefit of digital printing is lower set up charges!

We are not limited to printing only on our bottles or on our Lucite items, we can print on almost any item you can think of. A recent project had us printing a logo onto hockey pucks, which were then put on a Lucite base. We can’t get any more Canadian than that!

3. New product launches

While we would love to have a SIGG bottle be part of all of your everyday activities, we know that the average water bottle is designed to contain room temperature water. Luckily, with our new 2017 product line we have a variety of hot and cold bottles designed to carry more than just water AND keep your beverages as cold or as hot as you want, coming your way!

sigg bottle patrick hunter designsMake sure to keep a close eye on for future collaborations with Canadian artists. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our Queenie Cards and Patrick Hunter SIGG bottle lines. These beautiful and delightful designs can be customized by adding your logo or special graphic.

2017 is revving up to be a busy and exciting year for Clearmount and SIGG and we hope that you can join in on some of the excitement. Contact us today to find out how we can make your 2017 as exhilarating as winning the jackpot!

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How to Clean Your SIGG Water Bottle

Prolong the Life of Your SIGG by Keeping it Clean

We have to say this: SIGG fans truly love their bottles. We hear so many stories of how the bottles are glued to their sides. They get used every day – for coffee, water, juice, tea, wine (yeah, we know about you!), and so much more. Check out some of our favourite SIGG fanatics on our last post: SIGG Stories about how they don’t want to give up their SIGG.

Naturally, if you love something, you want to make it last as long as possible. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is how to keep SIGG water bottles in tip-top shape.

Our answer is pretty simple – clean your SIGG properly. Most reusable water bottles can fall victim to mold and other deposits. You’re going to want to make sure that you clean your SIGG thoroughly and regularly and keep it dry when not in use to keep it at peak performance.

How to Properly Clean and Care for Your SIGG Bottle

First things first, always hand-wash your SIGG bottle. The dishwasher is not your SIGG bottle’s friend! Those heavy duty detergents used in dishwashers will affect the exterior paint and internal coating of the bottles. While they are built tough, that detergent is meant to go up against Nonna’s baked-on lasagna. Our cool SIGG designs don’t have a chance against that!

Also, keep in mind that the SIGG warranty does not cover damage to the bottle as a result of dishwashing. The other important reason to avoid the dishwasher? That narrow opening of the SIGG Classic Traveller doesn’t allow for the best cleaning results in a dishwasher. Hand washing is the way to go.

You’re going to want to start by rinsing out the bottle and bottle top with hot water after every use. Leave open to dry and always store with the top off. Try to avoid using any harsh cleaning abrasives or brushes on the outside of your bottles as well. This can wear away the covering and any design on the outside and ruin the look of your bottle.

Our best tip is to fill your SIGG halfway with hot water. But be sure to be careful because the bottle can heat up quickly. Add one teaspoon of unscented dish soap and shake. Let sit for a few minutes then rinse with lukewarm water until the soapy water runs clear.

Remember to always make sure that the lip of the bottle is thoroughly cleaned in the same way as the bottle as this is the part that comes in the most contact with your mouth.

Clean Your SIGG Bottle Top

It’s not just the bottle that you have to take care of. Make sure to stay on top of your top – see what we did there? To make sure that it’s clean, rinse it with hot water and leave it to dry naturally. It is also important to keep an eye on the bottle seal and replace it as necessary. For SIGG children’s and sports tops, as well as the New Active Top, the individual pieces should also be washed regularly by hand. Find out how easy it is to take the tops apart. If you’re looking for a replacement, SIGG bottle seals are available as a spare part.

If you need to bring in the big guns for cleaning – don’t fear! We have something for you. Try using our SIGG Bottle Clean cleaning tablets and the SIGG cleaning brush (coming soon in our store).

There are lots of great videos online to help guide you to clean your SIGG. For starters, here is a great one from the manufacturer of SIGG for Hot & Cold bottles cleaning:

A Few Other Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your SIGG in Tip Top Shape

If you are noticing dark spots or corrosion in your SIGG bottle there are a few reasons for this:

  • Discolorations can be caused by sugar deposits.
  • Hard tap water could also result in a build-up of mineral deposits which could leave a metallic taste.
  • Not adequately rinsing out your bottle and/or not allowing it to air dry after each use could cause unwanted deposits.

To treat these dark spots or discolorations, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Fill your bottle with hot, soapy water.
  2. Place a cloth inside the bottle and with the handle of a cleaning brush or any long utensil (not sharp), move the cloth along the bottom in a circular motion.
  3. Pour the water and cloth out.
  4. Rinse and repeat, if necessary.

For stubborn mineral deposits, you should soak your SIGG bottle overnight with a mixture of warm water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. If those deposits are really obstinate, instead of water, you can fill your clean dry SIGG bottle with distilled white vinegar and let soak for 24 hours. Make sure you use distilled white vinegar as no other kind will work. After soaking, rinse with warm water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Allow to air dry with the top off each night and use good filtered drinking water in your SIGG to keep those deposits at bay.

We hope this helped! Now, go clean your SIGG and then get back out there to drink more water!

Remember, SIGG cleaning brushes will be available in the SIGG North America Store soon.

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