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Attention: SIGG 3D Printing is now available!

All of our bottles are top of the line and therefore we wanted something just as fancy!

Our 3D print is a raised print that gives a great look and texture to your bottle. The 3D printing technique is a process that creates layers of ink and is cured by UV light, which means it is exceptionally durable. Make your logo and art truly stand out with this unique style of printing.

Use 3D printing for your next conference!

3D printing is definitely the way to go when you’re tired of just slapping a logo onto something. If you’re feeling uninspired with your swag, don’t reinvent the wheel- just get a much nicer wheel! A client came to us who loved the idea of our SIGG bottles for their conference, however they were lost on what style and color to go with.

They had just created a new logo and weren’t sure what the best way to present it was. We made the radical suggestion that they do the exact same thing as last year. Just with 3D printing. It was a hit. They loved the look of the imprint and got rave reviews from all the participants!

Another conference hit was a bottle that we created for the skucon 2017 conference. We took the company’s mascot and printed the logo in full color with different layers. You can actually feel the barcode and the skubot’s joints! The bottle was a huge hit with everyone and a year later we still hear that it’s their favourite bottle. Well it’s a SIGG, so that’s an obvious one. Who doesn’t love our Hot & Cold bottles?!

3D printing can also be used to highlight a design feature.

The one thing we are unable to do is a true 3D full wrap due to the rollers used during this process but we can still highlight certain features while doing the rest in a flat print. For example we recently did a bottle for a client where the art was a tree that we kept flat and their owl logo icon and text was 3D raised. This is a great way to play with different techniques on our SIGG bottles, in this case both digital and 3D print.

Looking to give your promotion a great retail look? Go with tone on tone raised. We love the way that our raised print looks on our matte finish Classic Traveller Touch bottles. It’s a glossy finish that combines the softness of the Touch bottles with a shiny logo. We’re also excited about how it looks on our upcoming Spring 2018 Hot & Cold ONE Touch bottles. They have a great soft matte surface and the 3D print guarantees you won’t want to stop touching this.

Everyone here is so excited about our 3D print and we know you will be too!

Start shopping for your upcoming conference here or browse the single shop site for your next personal gift!

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