About SIGG North America

SIGG North America was founded by Clearmount, a leading customized awards and recognitions manufacturer in North America. Clearmount is the only authorized North American distributor of customized SIGG bottles, a premier brand to reflect your brand.

Clearmount is celebrating its 50th year in business of designing and manufacturing customized awards in Toronto and we are celebrating our 24th year of owning Clearmount as a family business. Much has changed in the way we do business and how we approach it, but our enthusiasm and passion for customizing awards and recognitions in Canada has not diminished.

In addition to the SIGG product line, Clearmount is a premier manufacturer of customized products including Lucite andĀ FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) ECO frames.

We customize and manufacture all these products with in-house printing, screening and engraving in our facilities in the Toronto, Canada area.