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5 Drink Recipes to Keep You Cozy

Snuggle up with your SIGG Hot & Cold bottle this season

It’s no secret that the Hot & Cold bottle is one of our favourite SIGG bottles here at SIGG North America. Not only will the sleekly designed bottle take you from home to work to play without missing a beat, it’s also the SIGG water bottle that’s most likely to take you from summer to winter and back again.

It’s been a chilly spring so far this year, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite warm drink recipes to pop in your SIGG Hot & Cold bottle and stay cozy all day long.

Martha Stewart’s Spiced Apple Cider

This classic brings back memories of childhood, and while it’s usually a fall beverage, we think it’s good enough to savour all winter long. Combining cardamom, cloves, allspice, and, of course, cinnamon, this spiced apple cider recipe from the one and only Martha Stewart also includes some orange zest – for that cheeky zing!

Hugo Ortega’s Mexican Hot Chocolate

Ask anyone who’s had it and they’ll agree: Mexican Hot Chocolate is the best hot chocolate around. The spicy kick that comes from Mexican chocolate is the perfect treat to carry with you and enjoy throughout the day (good news: your SIGG Hot & Cold will keep it nice and hot all day long!). The other piece of good news? It’s super simple to make: all you need is water and Mexican chocolate!

Vikram Vij’s Chai Tea

A drink that promises to warm your soul, we couldn’t leave chai tea off this list!

Cardamom is the spice that sings through any chai tea, but when it comes to the rest of the ingredients, there are

many variations to choose from. Vikram Vij recently shared three different chai recipes, all of we’d happily have in by our side in our SIGG. We’ve also seen some chai recipes feature a hint of maple syrup, and we don’t mind that idea one little bit.

Hello Switzerland’s Mulled Wine

In honour of SIGG’s Swiss roots, we looked to Switzerland to get a classic mulled wine recipe (or Glühwein, as the Swiss Germans call it!). Traditionally sipped and savoured around Christmas, we love mulled wine so much that we drink it whenever we need to warm up at home. With flavours of orange, lemon, cloves, and cinnamon, this classic recipe is the perfect one with which to load up your SIGG Hot & Cold bottles and pop round to your friend’s place for the evening.

Jamie Oliver’s Hot Toddy

If you’re cuddled around a backyard campfire late at night or taking a leisurely Saturday afternoon stroll (or snowshoe!) along the trails, there’s nothing wrong with a cheeky Hot Toddy to keep you warm and happy as you go. Top up your SIGG Hot & Cold with Jamie Oliver’s ‘perfect’ Hot Toddy, complete with honey, cloves, lemon, and cinnamon. Want to make it authentically British? Toss in a cheeky bit of whisky…we won’t tell!

From tea to cider, hot chocolate to chai, mulled wine to hot toddies, the SIGG Hot & Cold is the perfect insulated water bottle to keep both you and your favourite bevvies warm all spring long. Which one will you make first?!

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